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ASFA Joins Forces with SFATA

Wednesday, April 4, 2018 - Today, the Arizona Smoke Free Business Alliance (ASFA), Arizona’s leading advocacy trade association for vapor product related small businesses, announced it will be affiliating with the Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA) as an Affiliated Independent State Chapter.  Standing as the voice of the vapor industry since its creation in 2012, SFATA has represented thousands of manufacturers, distributors, and retailers across the country.  SFATA extends their national programming into states with the help of passionate members who organize locally to promote policy positions at the state and local level, while encouraging activism among local companies toward the federal priorities.

ASFA builds on a tradition of cooperation in the advocacy arena, being a cooperative group formed from members of both the independent advocacy organization NAVB (the National Association of Vaping Businesses) and the former Arizona chapter of SFATA.  The leadership and members of ASFA are confident joining SFATA’s Affiliated Independent State Chapter program will supplement the efficacy of their advocacy efforts in the state, as well as assist in financially strengthening the federal effort.

“Our industry sees itself consistently under fire from special interests and financially motivated NGOs – we have to all work together to effect the changes we need to see to give harm reduction a chance,” said Steve Johnson, the secretary and treasurer of ASFA.  “We believe that the SFATA Independent Affiliated State Chapter program is an essential component to allowing adult consumers the freedom to choose to do less harm to their bodies.  We at ASFA believe relationships such as this will help all vaping businesses in Arizona accomplish this mission.”

“SFATA is excited to be working hand in hand with ASFA to more effectively educate members of government on the benefits of vaping as an alternate source of nicotine, thereby reducing the catastrophic damage caused by cigarettes,” said David Morris of the SFATA Board.  “ASFA has proven time and time again their effectiveness on the ground in Arizona, and we look forward to utilizing this partnership to benefit the industry at both the state and federal level and protect vaping businesses for years to come.”